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Kosuke Ikeda

public lecture on Sunflower Movement in Taiwan@Geidai

Date:May 7th, 2014

Public lecture with Prof. Chihiro Minato
2014, May 14(wed)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno
open 18:00, start: 18:30

港千尋 × 池田剛介

5月14日(水) 東京藝術大学 上野キャンパス中央棟 第一講義室
開場:18:00 開始:18:30(入場無料・予約不要)

主催:東京藝術大学大学院 先端芸術表現専攻

Artist Talk at Taipei Contemporary Art Center

Date:March 28th, 2014

Artist Talk at Taipei Contemporary Art Center
2014. 03.13
Kosuke Ikeda : The representation of the natural ecosystem in Art
hosted by Yen-yi Lee


Exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Date:March 28th, 2014

I am participating in a group exhibition “Tomorrow Comes Today,” which focuses on the Great East-Japan Earthquake in 2011, at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Tomorrow Comes Today
Digiark, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
curated by Yen-yi Lee, curatorial cooperation by (Y)Lab

presented work: Ecosystem of objects(Aizu-region, Fukushima)
mixed media installation
cooperation: Okuaizu Museum, Karamushi Craft Museum and Hyomen-Kako Laboratory

現在、国立台湾美術館で開催されているグループ展、Tomorrow Comes Today展に参加しています。東日本大震災をテーマとした台湾の美術館での展示は初めての試みだそうです。5/25までの開催ですので、台湾に行かれる機会があればぜひ。

助成:公益財団法人 朝日新聞文化財団

review writing: Bijyutsu Techo

Date:March 28th, 2014

review writing on “Shiro Takatani, Camera Lucida” at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
monthly magazine “Bijyutsu Techo(BT)” April, 2014.

『美術手帖』2014年4月号に、東京都現代美術館で行なわれた「高谷史郎 明るい部屋」展のレビューを寄せています。《Toposcan》というモニター8台を連動させた映像作品について主に考えています。短いテキストですが、ぜひ。

video: Forest of Interference

Date:January 22nd, 2014

The documentation of “Forest of Interference” (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Aichi Triennale2013) has been added to the website.
video document “Forest of Interference”:


essay: “Gendai Shiso(Contemporary Thought)”

Date:January 22nd, 2014

essay: Towards the Interferential Aesthetic
monthly magazine “Gendai Shiso(Contemporary Thought)”, Jan. 2014, featuring “Post Post-Structuralism”

Mobile Triennale in Kasugai

Date:October 12th, 2013

Mobile Triennale in Kasugai, Kasugai Cultural Forum, September 20-23
Workshop on September 21


Kobe Biennale 2013

Date:October 12th, 2013

I’m participating in the Kobe Biennale 2013. As a development of the series using water circulation, I tried to build the system of hydroponic culture in the work and the work has received Special Award in the section of Green Art. The show is until December 1st.


Group show at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

Date:July 2nd, 2013

I will participate in an exhibition titled TOKYO STORY 2013 Part 3 “IDENTITIES IN THE WORLD” at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya from July 13 to September 23. The new works are composed of artificial and natural things, which affect multiple perceptions such as visual, audible and tactile perceptions.

Aichi Triennale 2013

Date:March 28th, 2013

I will participate in the Aichi Triennale 2013 which will be held from August to October in Aichi prefecture, Japan. I plan to show the works related to a series of my projects dealing with energy, especially developing the solo show in Melbourne last year. I’m so excited about making the new works!


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